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Often times, Bienert | Katzman is contacted by prospective clients who are unhappy with their current representation and decide at the eleventh-hour that they need to retain attorneys with years of experience trying cases to a jury, judge, or panel. 

Bienert | Katzman specializes in quickly and efficiently learning the facts and background of a case and preparing for last-minute trials and proceedings in any type of civil, criminal, or administrative matter.  We draw on our collective years of trial experience in expeditiously preparing witness examinations and cross-examinations, exhibits, litigation graphics and demonstratives, motions in limine, pocket briefs, jury instructions, voir dire questions, and opening and closing arguments.  We are also well-versed in all aspects of jury selection, asking nuanced questions that allow us to determine which potential jurors would be most favorable to our client’s side. 

In the courtroom, Bienert | Katzman is adept at strategically presenting our client’s story in a compelling, convincing, and effective manner.  We have tried multiple cases to verdict and have a proven track record of success.